At AMDJ Entertainment, We do the whole variety from weddings, parties, school dances, graduations, and even church events! We have flexible employment and work very well with others to give the best experience to the cliental. We are very dedicated to our work and welcome all clients who may come our way. We do provide our own equipment with high-quality sound and music.

We also offer event planning, venue, photo/videographer recommendations. Just to help make sure everything goes as planned and there are no unwanted surprises.

Hello! I am Anthony Mariotti, I founded AMDJ Entertainment in 2012. Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to create my own business, so I made it my point to accomplish it.


I discovered my passion when I attended my very first school dance. The way the DJ could control the crowd with music seemed interesting to me so, I realized that was what I wanted to do. I decided to go to every dance my school held so I could learn its concept of DJing. I often realized I could do better than the actual DJ they hired to play once I got better.

At 13 years old, I realized why not just make my business DJing since I knew it. It was at that point I made AMDJ Entertainment an actual business. At the current age of 24, I still have that drive and passion for being the DJ.

Anthony standing over his DJ setup

Seeing people enjoy the music I play makes me work even harder to ensure you get the best experience intended by my company. We have a lot planned for the company's future to become more stable and up to date with all the current trends going around.

We also enjoy looking for new ways to continue innovating our company. Along with our hard work and dedication, we will always find a way to entertain like nobody else can. Making your experience with us one of a kind and all about you.

Ready to have fun? Let's get in contact today!


Music Entertainment

Experience the power of music. The perfect blend of tracks can transform any event, elevating the atmosphere and creating unforgettable moments.

15% Discount

Non-profit/Charity Event

Make your non-profit/charity event a success with our free professional music service. We volunteer our time and accommodate special requests and extra equipment as needed.



Make your special day unforgettable with our professional music service. High-quality sound, a wide range of music options, and personalized playlists tailored to fit your taste and theme.

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